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Register your Paslode Or STOCK-ade Tool

Thank you for purchasing your new Paslode or STOCK-ade tool.

To help us make your service requirements in the future easier we ask that you please register your new nailing tool on-line.

Simply type the serial number of your Paslode or STOCK-ade tool in the box below

Enter the serial number of the tool
Tool Serial Number Required
(Drop the last two letters from the serial number shown on the tool.)

Why Register Your Product?

Soon after registering you will receive a follow up letter thanking you for your support and informing you of other product specials that may be of interest.

Within four weeks of purchase you will receive a telephone call from one of our team to ensure that you are getting the most from your new nailing tool. We delay this contact to ensure that you have had the opportunity to use the tool and become familiar with its features.

We will also take this opportunity to advise of the next tool clinic in your area. Paslode supports tradesman with regular tool clinics to ensure that you are getting the most from your Paslode nailer. Tool clinics are a great way to pick up new ideas and methods for using your Paslode tools. These clinics are often held in conjunction with free tool cleaning service to ensure that your Paslode tools are always in top condition.

Other ways on-line registration can help you.

Product Protection:
Your completed product registration verifies your ownership in the event of an insurance claim due to product theft or loss.

Model Registration:
Registering your product will enable us to contact you in the unlikely event that a safety modification is issued.

Tracking Service:
This allows Paslode to track tool servicing and in the event of a stolen product being serviced allows police and registered owner contact. Tool serial tracking also alerts Paslode to multiple service events for a tool and will trigger a contact to review the product and use profile.

If you select the option to be contacted we may e-mail or call from time to time to get your opinion on existing products or exciting new ideas. This will be no more than once every four months and you will have the chance to receive prizes for taking part.

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