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Paslode / ITW Company History

Paslode® was founded in the United States in 1935 by noted industrialist J. W. Leslie.  The name is an acronym for the markets and the products that the company was originally set up to service (PAcking, Shipping and LOading DEvices).  Paslode quickly established a reputation for innovation by working closely with customers to provide inventive solutions to common business problems.  The Paslode brand was introduced to New Zealand following the aquisition of Jameison Brothers (Jambro) Limited in 1989.  Jambro was a small, local business that manufactured and distributed collated staples and nails.  Founded in the mid 1980's Jambro was renamed Paslode in 1998.

Today Paslode New Zealand is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITW® New Zealand Ltd and is part of a wider family of ITW companies numbering nearly 900 businesses worldwide.  In New Zealand ITW has grown to include Ramset, Reid, ITW Proline, Pryda, Databuild, Weldwell and many other small to medium sized companies.  

Paslode Product History

The early inventive approaches of the Paslode company in the USA resulted in the introduction of a pneumatic light-duty upholstery tacker in 1959.  The introduction of the upholstery tacker revolutionised fastening technology and Paslode went on to conceive and produce the world's first commercially accepted framing nailer.  The "Gun-Nailer" offered the construction industry increased productivity and reduced worker fatigue.

In 1986, Paslode reinforced its reputation as an innovator by introducing the first cordless power framing nailers, (the IM300 and IM325) which offered the power of a pneumatic without the inconvenience of the air hoses.  In 1995 the the PowerMaster was released and was quickly followed in 1996 with the Impulse IM350 Compact Nailer.  Paslode again took leadership in 2008 with the introduction of the worlds most powerful Impulse nailer the flagship IM90i tool. 

Using a revolutionary new fuel system that extended operating temperature ranges the IM90i offered 30% more power than any other cordless framing nailer and is an example of our commitment to continuous improvement and further underlines our category leadership globally.  More recently in 2009, Paslode released the Impulse FrameMaster with another revolutionary step-change in fuel system development.  With improved fuel metering the FrameMaster has the lowest actuation pressure of any nailer in its class and is now established as the main nailing tool of the trade replacing the trusted industry workhorse the Paslode IM350 Compact (CT) nailer.

Our ongoing commitment to research and development is inspired by the same passion and drive that J.W brought to his new company back in 1935.  This desire to attain the best for our customers and our products has ensured that today, the Impulse framing nailer remains the worldwide industry benchmark.

From humble begininnings Paslode has carved an enviable reputation for trusted, innovative and quality products and remains the market leader in nail driving technology for timber to timber connection.  Today the Paslode Impulse system sets industry standards for tools and construction fasteners and remains the last word in quality, reliability and performance.

Paslode New Zealand – Values

To know and understand the company objective

To be committed to the objectives through progress

To be respected for its high level of service

To be a challenged and skillful team having the confidence and vision in all that we approach

To be the best we are capable of being

Our business is based on integrity

Paslode New Zealand – Mission

We will profitability grow Paslode New Zealand by maintaining a commitment to the supply of high quality and innovative fastening solutions with a strong and determined focus on our brands and service utilizing preferred channels of supply to the construction industry

Paslode New Zealand – Trade Focus Philosophy

Trade Focus is our philosophy or, way of doing business. We seek to understand customer needs within target trades or industrial segments in key geographic markets

We will develop or enhance products in order to meet the needs of those customers and channels, and create total service packages that best deliver our products to our customers. We will make our products available where our target customers choose to buy.

Paslode New Zealand will continue market share growth by dominating one geographic area and one trade segment at a time. The entire Paslode New Zealand organization will work toward achieving our common goal

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