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Product Warranty


        For Paslode and Duo-Fast Tools

This special warranty is in addition to any statutory warranty or right which is implied in connection with the supply of the particular tool and which by the terms of the statute cannot be excluded, restricted or modified ("mandatory terms").  To the extent permitted by any mandatory terms the liability of Paslode under those terms is limited to refund, replacement or repair at the discretion of Paslode.   Warranty and Limitations A proof of purchase (receipt) must be supplied before repair can commence. This warranty covers all tools supplied by Paslode New Zealand. All tools, parts and accessories are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 12-months after the date of delivery to the original user except those covered by an extended warranty as follows: A five year warranty will apply to all moulded parts on Impulse tools only
  • Motor Housing, Cap and Grille
  • Handle Halves and Actuator
  • Trigger
  • Magazine Parts
 Paslode’s liability under this warranty is to replace any part or accessory which proves to be defective within the specified time period. Any replacement part or accessory provided in accordance with this warranty will carry a warranty for the balance of the period of warranty applicable to the part it replaces. This warranty does not apply to part replacement required due to normal wear.  This warranty will be void as to any tool which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional damage. The tool warranty may also be void if used with fasteners, fuel, batteries or battery chargers not meeting Paslode specifications, size or quality, or if any tool is improperly maintained, is repaired with other than genuine Paslode replacement parts, is damaged in transit or handling or in our opinion, has been altered or repaired in a way that affects or detracts from the performance of the tool. Subject to any mandatory terms:(a) Paslode makes no warranty, express or implied, relating to merchantability, fitness or otherwise, except as stated above; (b) Paslode’s liability as stated above is in lieu of all other warranties arising out of, or in connection with, the use and performance of the tool; (c) Paslode shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, including, but, not limited to, damages which may arise from loss of anticipated profits or production, spoilage of materials, increased cost of operation or otherwise; (d) Paslode is not liable for personal injury whether direct or indirect howsoever suffered arising from or in connection with any misuse of the product;  and (e) Paslode is not liable for any negligence in the manufacture or supply of the tool or any instructions related to the tool. Paslode reserves the right to change specifications, equipment or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligation.  If you do not have internet access to register your tool, please contact either Paslode Australia or Paslode New Zealand at the following address. Paslode New ZealandPO Box 100303 NSMC                          Auckland, New Zealand

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