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Paslode Pneumatic Positive Placement 3.3mm Product Nailer

Pneumatic PP150 Product Nailer

Tool Features
Durable construction
Light and well balanced
Convenient small size
Nail hold probe for precision placement in metal plates up to 1.2mm

Metal connection plates
Hanger brackets
Strip bracing
Commercial joist installation

Product Code (B20430)



 Pneumatic M Galv Product Nail

Paslode Pneumatic Product Nails 

Hardened nails for superior strength for steel plate connection Full round head for exceptional holding power for nail plate construction fasteners

The NEW 38 x 3.3mm Paslode Product Nails are BRANZ appraised to meet New Zealand Building Code requirements

Approved by Pryda for use in attaching bracing and nail plates up 1.2mm thick.

Patened Paslode Paper Collation Tape 

Available in Mechanical Galvanised 4000 packs
Product code: B26125


Air Line Hose 10mm (R20111)
1/4” Hose Fitting Kit (R20000)
3/8” Hose Fitting Kit (R20012)
Air Tool Oil.jpgAir Tool Oil 250ml (R20128)

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