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 Paslode FrameMaster-Li PowerVent Framing Nailer

Introducing the Paslode FrameMaster-Li PowerVent

The all new FrameMaster-Li PowerVent features include:

15% More Power: driving 50-90mm nails in the timber including hardwood and LVL. The power increase has been achieved through the new PowerVent technology allowing more air to be released and a new more potent Fuel Mix formula called Power+ in the Fuel Cells.

Extreme Weather Performancethe new Power+ fuel cell now operates in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.  This means tradies no longer have to warm up their fuel cells prior to using on a cold day.

Longer Run Time Battery: Increased battery capacity now allows approximately 9000 shots to be fired on a full charge – equivalent to 50% longer run time.

 Available from the 1st of February 2016.

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Introducing the Paslode 315 collated fence batten stapling system. Designed specifically with the high volume professional fencer in mind the new Paslode 3.15mm batten staple system will save time and money.

With a ground-breaking pneumatic fence batten tool and the first 3.15mm hot dipped galvanised fence batten staple designed to perform in all weather conditions Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier!

The revolutionary new Paslode 315 pneumatic batten stapler is bigger, tougher and has enough power to drive staples into the hardest of fence battens
Just contact your nearest fencing distributor and ask for 315 by name.

Available from 1st March 2009



Introducing the Paslode IM90i - a new generation high powered
framing nailer and the new king of the Paslode Impulse® range.
The IM90i Impulse framing tool delivers the highest nail driving
performance of any cordless nailer available.

Tool-B30090 IM90i 200px.jpg 


As the new flagship Impulse tool from Paslode the IM90i is
packed with high performance features to meet the demands
of a new generation of construction materials and elite building professionals.
The result is a framing nailer that has been forged
with an uncompromising focus on quality and performance
backed by decades of experience and global leadership in
precision nail tool design.

Power – 30% more powerful than other cordless framing tools.

Low Temperature Performance – Right down to -15oC

New fuel injection system – Intelligent system for more efficiency

RounDrive Nails – A full Round Head Nail for more holding power

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Introducing the new Impulse IM250S Straight Bradder from Paslode®, bringing cutting edge nail driving technology to the New Zealand trade professional

Developed for the expert trim carpenter the IM250S sports a compact and lightweight design that drives 1.6mm and 2mm brads straight out of the box.  The new IM250S from Paslode® is the only straight bradder the trade professional will ever need.

Now available from selected trade merchants.
IM250S Clear Cut 1 v2.jpg
Trusted Impulse gas technology

Drives 1.6mm and 2mm brads

Lightweight construction

High speed

Drives 15 to 65mm brads
  IM250S Left Clear Cut v3.jpg

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