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February 2016


Purchase a new Paslode FrameMaster-Li™ PowerVent and you go in the draw for a chance to win a new Toyota Hilux.  Go to for more details on the competition.

The Tradies favourite framing nail is now even better. Available from 1st February 2016.

The new FrameMaster which includes the following new features meeting end user needs was launched today:

- 15% More Power: driving 50-90mm nails in the timber including hardwood and LVL. The power increase has been achieved through the new PowerVent technology allowing more air to be released and a new more potent Fuel Mix formula called Power+ in the Fuel Cells.

- Extreme Weather Performance: the new Power+ fuel cell now operates in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.  This means tradies no longer have to warm up their fuel cells prior to using on a cold day.

- Longer Run Time Battery: Increased battery capacity now allows approximately 9000 shots to be fired on a full charge – equivalent to 50% longer run time. 



January 2016 


The Tradie’s favourite framer is now even better…….


Announcing the new Paslode Impulse FrameMaster-Li™ – Available February 2016. 

The new Paslode FrameMaster-Li™ PowerVent has been designed with 15% more power for less standing nails and better drive performance into LVL and hardwood.  This will save the professional builder and tradesman time and energy from having to follow up work with a hammer.

The power increase has been achieved through Paslode’s patented PowerVent technology and new fuel mix formula Power+.  Combined they maximise the energy which drives 50-90mm nails into hardwood and LVL. 

The new Power+ fuel mix also delivers high performance in the most extreme weather conditions from -10° to 49°C.

For added convenience, the Lithium Ion battery has been upgraded to drive 9000 nails per full charge.

This evolution in Paslode technology combined with all of the standard features expected from one of these tools means Paslode gives “More Power to the Tradie”.


April 2015

Thundercats Update

Paslode racing is proud to announce that they have placed first in the New Zealand Thundercat Nationals for the 2014/2015 season.  Paslode extends a huge congratulation to Nick and Lloyd Stephenson who worked hard in some of the most variable racing conditions seen for years. The boys have done us proud taking out a number of rounds and consistent podium finishes. Key to their success has been a new boat and engine pack sporting Paslode livery and a program of continuous improvement across the 2014/2015 season saw the team rise from a slow start back in November.

Paslode looks forward to the 2015/2016 season with off-peak tuning and testing of the new boat underway in anticipation of an even stronger and larger competitive fleet this coming year. 

Watch the video here!

Paslode Thundercat

 IMAGE: The Paslode boat battling wild Whangamata surf on the last race day of the 2014/2015 season



April 2015

Beach Volleyball

Paslode is proud to support New Zealand Beach Volleyball and congratulate Sam O’Dea and Mike Watson for their performance in taking out the New Zealand national title in February. Ranked number one in the country, Sam and Mike will be travelling to Holland later in the year to compete in the World Championships representing Godzone and looking for a strong performance as the New Zealand teams look towards Rio.

Also we are proud to support New Zealand’s top Women’s Beach Volleyball athletes Melissa Ruru and Danielle Quigley who top the New Zealand rankings for the first time taking out the National Series. A special shout out also to Julia Tilley and Shaunna Polley in taking out the New Zealand Championships held at Stanley Street in Auckland in February. Despite Melissa and Danny falling short at the final, the NZ Champs was hotly contested with both sides giving a full measure ensuring some tough competition next season.

Finally a special thanks to Jason at O’Neill for helping support our outstanding Women’s teams, contributing to the women’s prize packs for the New Zealand National Series and The New Zealand National Championship Titles and continuing our long association with O’Neill New Zealand.

Paslode Volleyball sponsorship



February 2015


Thundercats Paslode


Paslode has had a fantastic summer supporting our very own Thundercat Racing Team for the first time. Thundercat Racing involves competitively racing a tunnel hulled inflatable boat as fast as you can in as little as 30cm of water through various conditions including pounding surf, narrow rivers, tight corners and long coastlines.

We’ve had a great time getting involved, from meeting the guys, learning the rules, teaming up with O’Neill for some awesome watersport gear, branding a kick-ass boat, becoming pros at pitching giant tents, meeting beachgoers and builders checking out the events, pretending to help when our boat has flipped, getting amongst the surf, sand and sun and of course, cheering like crazy as the boats gun it to the finish line.

Our crew are the Stephenson brothers - a couple of hard headed adrenaline junkies and all around top kiwi blokes, who thrive on the thrills and spills of Thundercat Racing.

We made them talk about themselves so you could get to know them!

For more information and race dates head to


Also, scroll down for more images!


Nick Stephenson


-          Previously raced Thundercats for 3 years at National level

-          Finished 2nd overall at Nationals in the 2013/14 season and 1st in the National club series

-          Employed as a mechanic in Warkworth

-          Can fix anything

-          Currently leading the National Vintage Motor X Champs in his class


Lloyd Stephenson


-          Raced Thundercats at club level – first year in Nationals

-          Employed as a registered valuer in Auckland by JLL

-          Can’t fix anything

-          Played over 100 caps for the NZ Black Sticks Men’s Hockey Team between 2001-2009



 Thundercats - Paslode











Driving Evolution 

The world’s number one framing nailer just got a whole lot better, with the release of the new Paslode Impulse FrameMaster-Li™.  With advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology and improved depth of drive adjustment the Paslode FrameMaster-Li is the next driving evolution of the world’s most popular framing nailer. 

The new FrameMaster-Li includes some serious upgrades and our engineers have designed the next generation with the New Zealand trade professional in mind.    

Superior Lithium-Ion Battery Technology 

The FrameMaster-Li uses cutting-edge Lithium-Ion battery technology. This new battery system is the result of a revolutionary advance in high shock resistant technology that ensures maximum performance in a lightweight power pack.  The more compact 7.4 Volt Lithium-Ion battery packs a real punch. Each charge drives 6,000 shots – 50% more than traditional Nickel-Cadmium technology.  

Battery charge time has been slashed in half to ensure a full charge in just 1-hour.  Charging life has also been extended up to 5-times longer, but if you find yourself in a tough spot a 2-minute charge will deliver an impressive 200 shots to get you through. 

Another popular innovation taken from our flagship IM90iFraming Nailer is the addition of an On / Off battery position.  This allows the battery to be disengaged but remain secure on-board when the tool is not in use.  This has the added benefit of increasing battery charging life and prevents disengaged batteries dropping from the tool.  The On / Off position also saves the cost of replacement batteries and helps improve safety on the worksite. 

Two Battery Offer 

A great new offer for the FrameMaster-Li tool is that it will now come with two batteries as standard. 

New Tool Free Depth of Drive 

Professional carpenters have long appreciated our tool free depth of drive adjustment.  The FrameMaster-Li delivers another knock-out improvement with an innovative solution to make changing the depth of drive a whole lot easier.  A new “pinch-grip” depth of drive adjuster makes changing drive depth for different timbers, nails and applications easier and smoother.   

Our designers didn’t forget our existing FrameMaster® tool owners either.  The new pinch-grip depth of drive adjuster can be retro-fitted onto traditional FrameMaster tools so that our existing FrameMaster builders can also enjoy some new benefits (note this does not retro-fit to nailer models prior to the Paslode FrameMaster). 

New Zealand Unique 90mm Nailer 

The challenging construction environment in New Zealand mandates that the core fastener for timber structural framing applications is a 90mm nail.  This is almost unique in the world.  In other countries different timber types and construction methods dictate a shorter standard nail and tools from those markets are not designed to accommodate our 90mm nail.  

 Paslode has specially engineered the New Zealand FrameMaster-Li to work with our unique 90mm nail.  This local approach is just one more reason why Paslode is the trusted brand for trade professionals in New Zealand. 

The FrameMaster-Li is also designed exclusively for use with our entire BRANZ appraised Paslode D-Head and RounDrive nail range.  Just look for our orange Impulse nail packs to know you have the right nails for your FrameMaster-Li.  Our handy site guide will also help you with nail selection on the job site. 

Twist'n'Lock Fuel System 

The new FrameMaster-Li is compatible with the same Twist'n'Lock direct injection cells as the standard FrameMaster. This unique fuel system is easy to load into the tool and dramatically reduces actuation pressure.  This means that less pressure is needed by the operator to actuate the tool making overhead nailing, high volume nailing and skew nailing a whole lot more comfortable.  

Standard Features 

The FrameMaster-Li still includes all of the high end performance features you have come to expect from Paslode.  The tool design has superior balance and moulded comfort grip handles for long days on the job.  Our unique reversible rafter and belt hook is also standard. The FrameMaster-Li also has a battery indicator light to ensure that you know when to recharge the battery, a nail lock out to avoid dry firing and  damage to the timber surface and is sold with a pulse type Lithium-Ion battery charger for the fastest charge every time.


As the new standard Impulse tool from Paslode the FrameMaster-Li is packed with all of the high performance features that you know plus a few extra tricks to make your job easier.  We hope you agree with us that the refined engineering, supported by decades of experience and global leadership in power nailing means that FrameMaster-Li will be the choice for our next generation of builders as well as seasoned trade professionals. 

Driving evolution is here with improvements in design, performance and technology. The Paslode FrameMaster-Li™ is another legend in the making, bringing state of the art nail driving technology to the New Zealand building professional.

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Introducing the new Paslode Impulse FrameMaster the new standard in Impulse framing nailers. With advanced motor drive cordless technology and improved skew nailing ability the Paslode FrameMaster is guaranteed to deliver new levels of reliability to the New Zealand building professional.

Industry leading advances have been a hallmark of Paslode since our beginnings back in 1935 and our ongoing commitment to product innovation has seen Paslode lead the world in cordless Impulse nailer technology.

In September 2009, just one year from our 75th anniversary, the new Paslode FrameMaster will be released in New Zealand marking another development milestone in cordless nailing. The FrameMaster includes some serious upgrades as you would expect when we planned the replacement for our celebrated compact nailer.

The first thing you will notice is that the Paslode FrameMaster uses a new Twist n Lock fuel system. This system has been designed with the professional builder in mind and makes gas connection easier and more reliable. The Twist n Lock fuel system does away with clicking the valve into position and makes engaging the metering valve much easier, simply twist and lock the metering valve into place.

The new fuel system offers the same clean burning fuel that maximizes the life of your new FrameMaster and also has improved metering that saves fuel and provides smooth power to optimise nailing right to the last shot.

Twist n Lock direct injection cells are also easier to insert into the tool. No longer will you have to align the fuel valve stem, simply drop the cell into the tool housing, push the cap into place and close the door! This revolutionary new fuel delivery system is the key to reducing the actuation pressure of the tool. This means that the FrameMaster requires less pressure to actuate the tool making overhead nailing, high volume nailing and skew nailing a whole lot more comfortable.

To mark the change we are adding the new Twist n Lock logo to all of our Impulse nail packs. Only Twist n Lock packs will be compatible with FrameMaster but all Impulse nail packs will be compatible with your existing Paslode compact nailer, so look out for the Twist n Lock logo at your local hardware merchant. Being the new kid on the block the Paslode FrameMaster has some great new features.

Enhanced Motor Design

The trusted Impulse technology of Paslode nailers has been improved with enhancements in motor design for greater tool reliability. Redesigned components have increased motor strength and lengthened recommended service intervals.

Improved Work Contact Probe

The all new work contact attachment has additional prongs for superior grip and stability when skew nailing. The extra prongs bite into the timber to ensure a safer and easier actuation every time. The lower actuation pressure also has advantages when you are straight nailing. Timber bruising is dramatically reduced.


The Impulse FrameMaster now has a great new look with comfort grip handle and rubberized side mounts to keep its good looks longer in our tough working conditions.

The FrameMaster includes all of the high performance features you have come to expect from Paslode. The tool design has superior balance and comfort for long days on the job and moulded handles with a reversible rafter and belt hook to keep the tool off the ground when not in use.

New Zealand’s 90mm nailer
Perhaps the most common nail fastener in New Zealand is the 90mm nail and the FrameMaster has been specifically engineered for this product. In other countries timber conditions dictate a shorter standard nail and so FrameMaster tools in other countries can only accept a maximum of 85mm nails. Because New Zealand has unique nail requirements our engineers made sure that the New Zealand FrameMaster will handle our 90mm nails with ease.

The FrameMaster is also compatible with the entire BRANZ appraised Paslode D-head and RounDrive range, just like the old compact nailer. Just look for Twist n Lock on your Impulse nail packs to know you have the right nails for the job.

Tool Free Depth of Drive

Professional builders have long appreciated Paslode’s pioneering tool free depth of drive adjustment. This ensures accuracy of nail placement and guarantees that every nail can be fired flush with the timber surface or, punched to the required depth by simply lifting and extending or retracting the work contact probe.

Standard Features

The FrameMaster® also has all of the standard features you are used to that are designed to take the guesswork out of the job. The battery indicator light ensures that you know when to recharge the battery, nail lock out to ensure no dry firing to avoid damage to the timber surface and a pulse battery charger for quick charging every time.


As the new workhorse Impulse tool from Paslode the FrameMaster is packed with all of the high performance features that you are familiar with plus a few extra tricks to make your job easier. Refined engineering design backed by decades of experience and global leadership in precision nail tool design means that FrameMaster is the choice for this generation of New Zealand building professionals.

With development focused on improving design and performance the Paslode FrameMaster is a legend in the making. Paslode is proud to bring state of the art nail driving technology to the New Zealand building professional

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Introducing the Paslode 315 collated fence batten stapling system. Designed specifically with the high volume professional fencer in mind the new Paslode 3.15mm batten staple system will save time and money.

With a ground-breaking pneumatic fence batten tool and the first 3.15mm hot dipped galvanised fence batten staple designed to perform in all weather conditions Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier!

The revolutionary new Paslode 315 pneumatic batten stapler is bigger, tougher and has enough power to drive staples into even the hardest fence battens. No need to believe us, just try it and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Loaded with features the 315 batten stapler is designed for the professional fencer, saving up to 50% of the time currently taken to hand hammer batten staples. That time saving is money in your back pocket.

When designing the new 315 staple we focused on quality. This uncompromising approach led us to our world class manufacturing site right here in New Zealand. Who else understands and could make a staple that meets the demands of our extreme farming environment?

Our hot dipped galvanised staples are also paper collated. Paslode drew on over 50 years of experience in manufacturing collated fasteners for the New Zealand construction industry to deliver a quality product. Paper collation is as good as it gets, no waste materials, it is tougher and is better able to take the knocks whether it be on your tractor, your quad or on the flat deck, the 315 staples will stay together in all conditions.

With improvements in staple manufacturing design Paslode has been able to increase withdrawal strength by 20%. This is because there is more staple than before. Manufactured from long life galvanised high tensile steel the 315 staples are bulkier with a carefully designed crown to fit snugly over the wire.

No more pain! Fencing professionals understand better than anyone what it takes to build a quality fence and there is often pain and sweat involved. We can’t promise that it will all go away but when it comes to battening just get down to your local fencing specialist and ask for it by name "give me a 315" and the days of back ache and pain will be over.

We asked fencing contractors around New Zealand what they really wanted. They told us "we don’t want to have staples wasted" so we came up with the new contractor size 2,700 staple pack. Now you get just what you need where you need it. The smaller pack size means they are stronger and easier to stack, store and transport. They are lighter and easier than the old bulky packs to lug up the hills and what’s more there is still enough for up to 380 battens of 7 wire fence. Or, at least enough to get through to lunch time!

What’s more we have come up with a solution for those buckets, boxes, trays and pockets to transport your staples. We have developed a handy plastic carrying case that will fit precisely two contractor packs of 315’s. Buy a 315 pneumatic stapler and get one of these cases free. A Long lasting tough nylon carry case will make the job even easier!! Available while stocks last!

We tested the new system extensively and asked around what the guys thought of the new system. One central Waikato contractor told us ""We were very impressed with the 315 tool, we fired 650 battens in steep country in half the time it takes with a hammer. This tool has more power than the old tool we have. We are very, very impressed with the staple size, the staple is thicker than the wire we are stapling to"

Yet another responded to our questions "We normally only do two hours of battening at one time and then go onto doing another job because its hard and on the body, with the tool we can allow ourselves more battening at one time because it is so fast. In fact it’s twice as fast, we can hammer on between 40 and 50 battens an hour depending on conditions but can only keep it up for two hours. With the tool we can do over 100 battens an hour and can keep it up".

Don’t just take their word for it, our area sales representatives will be pleased to visit your job site and demonstrate the new Paslode 315 system. Just contact your nearest fencing distributor and ask for 315 and let us do the rest. Available from 1st March 2009



Paslode crowns the world’s most powerful Impulse® nailer Introducing the Paslode IM90i a new generation high powered framing nailer and the new king of the Paslode Impulse® range. 

The IM90i Impulse framing tool delivers the highest nail driving performance of any cordless nailer available.  Our European design team was challenged to develop a framing tool that would answer the demands of a new generation of construction materials and elite building professionals.   The result is a framing nailer that has been forged with an uncompromising focus on quality and performance and tested in the most extreme conditions.

Our engineers researched new features and performance criteria and quickly recognized that to truly improve on an industry standard any new tool would have to withstand some of the toughest working conditions in the world.  That is why they chose the icy northern winters of Scandinavia and Canada where extreme low temperatures and frozen timber are a constant challenge. 

Four years of development focused on refining design and performance has resulted in a quantum leap in Impulse framing technology.    Power The new IM90i packs a real punch.  Delivering 105 joules of energy the IM90i is over 30% more powerful than our current market leading framing tool and will flush fire 90mm nails into the hardest air dried or native timbers.  The IM90i now stands as the new benchmark in gas nailing muscle.

Low Temperature Performance -15oC
A patented fuel injection system offers new generation improvements in fuel cell technology and performance.  The IM90i fuel system constantly monitors ambient air temperature and adjusts fuel flow to deliver optimal fuel metering for consistent high performance.   This precision design has benefits other than simply delivering more power.

New low temperature operation limits mean that the tool will operate reliably in temperatures as low as -15o Celsius making mid-winter carpentry a whole lot easier.  In addition, by delivering a smart dose of fuel the average number of shots per cell has increased over 40% (up to 1,700 shots) in optimal conditions.


As the new flagship Impulse tool from Paslode the IM90i is packed with high performance features.  Unparalleled power and cold weather performance is balanced with refined European engineering that offers a range of innovations backed by decades of experience and global leadership in precision nail tool design.


High Power.  Over 30% more power than other nailers available
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).  EFI offers unparalleled gas metering control ensuring a consistent shot every time.  The patented system measures ambient air temperature and automatically adjusts the gas dosage to optimize power performance in temperatures as low as -15oC.
Self locating fuel cell locking and ejection system.  This innovation is designed to minimize gas leakage when inserting or disengaging the fuel cell doing away with the need to press metering cap valves into position.
Low actuation pressure.  The fuel injection system reduces the force required to engage the tool.  This coupled with enhanced shock absorption reduces operator fatigue and improves comfort.
On / Off Battery Lock Positions.  Two battery positions allow the battery to be disengaged but still held securely when the tool is not in use.  This prolongs battery charge time and prevents disengaged batteries dropping from the tool.  This saves replacement battery costs and improves safety on the worksite.
Removable Magazine.  The IM90i comes fitted with a standard length magazine holding up to 40 nails for use in confined spaces.  Also available is a high capacity long magazine holding 80 nails (sold separately).  Ideal for high volume applications the long magazine reduces downtime for reloading.  Changing magazine / nail options is a tool free operation and changes can be made in seconds.
Eight setting adjustable depth of drive.  A new thumb wheel design is a refinement from the original tool that allows for finer depth of drive adjustment and includes an auto lock-in feature.
Tool free contact tip attachments.  Changing out the contact tip attachments is now a whole lot easier.  Simply unscrew the attachment and screw on another.  This feature will save you time when switching from application to application.
Improved tool balance.  The trigger has been situated closer to the work contact element to improve comfort and reduce operator fatigue.
Improved ergonomic styling.   No-slip molded handgrip and trigger to improve comfort for high use.
Reversible belt and rafter hook.  A new compact belt and rafter hook makes tool stowage convenient.

Four years of development focused on improving design and performance to our market leading Impulse® nailing tool has paid off with a new generation nailer that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Paslode is proud to bring state of the art nail driving technology to the elite building professional in New Zealand.  The new Impulse IM90i Framing Nailer is categorically the last word in gas nailing technology.

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