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Paslode Pneumatic PSC200 FloorMaster Stapler

 FloorMaster WEB 200x128.gif


Tool Features
Lightweight Design with Long Handle
Ergonomic Rubber Hand Grip
Mallet Actuation-Tool Firing Operation
Depth of Drive Set
Robust Alloy Body
Low Air Pressure Required
Tool Positioning Rollers
Exhausts Air Away From Operator
Timber Thicknes Pads

Soft and Hard wood Tongue and Grove Timber Flooring
Renovation and New Timber
Tongue and Grove Flooring to Floor Joist
Stapler can also be used on Walls

Product Code (A18200)



 A18245 300x300 72dpi (1).gifA18245 300x300 72dpi (2).gifPaslode Pneumatic 38 and 45mm FloorMaster T & G Staples
Each contains 1000 staples
 A18245 Staples 300x266 72dpi.gif 


access-R20111-small.jpgAir Line Hose 10mm (R20111)
1/4” Hose Fitting Kit (R20000)
3/8” Hose Fitting Kit (R20012)
Air Tool Oil.jpgAir Tool Oil 250ml (R20128)

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